Worlds of Wayne Donation Drive

 Welcome to the Worlds of Wayne Donation Drive site.

As many of you already know, podcasts are free to subscribe to, free to download and free to listen to. Thing is, they are not free to produce. Most of the time, podcasters pay for hosting fees out of their pocket or rely on sparse donations from listeners to help out. This is what the Donation Drive is all about. 

I love producing this podcast as well as Freelance America, Skyetalk, and Love Sex and Business. I do it because I feel in all of the shows, there is something there for everyone. Worlds of Wayne was the first show I produced and it is now over two years old. Thanks to listeners like you, it has taken off quite well with an international audience of dedicated listeners. I have had the pleasure of  having many great interviews and in studio performances by amazing local, regional, and national acts. They are the ones that have made Worlds of Wayne a great show. 

But in order to keep the show going, I am asking for your help. I wish to thank everyone who has donated money to the show and I am now wanting to give something in return. I am taking a page from NPR and focusing an entire month on promoting donations. This is your chance to donate to the show, but I am not asking for a free handout. For every donation, I will be sending out a mystery package chock full of band merchandise and other goodies donated by the bands that have been on my show. This is a great way to not only help keep Worlds of Wayne going, but discover some killer music and get some cool schwag in return for your hard earned cash. It's my way of saying thanks for helping out. 

The Worlds of Wayne Donation Drive 2008 will run the entire month of November. To donate, you simply need to click the donate button on this site or the show site. Make sure you add your mailing address. Your mystery prize package will then be mailed to you. You may like it, or you may want to re-gift it to someone over the holidays. That's why it's a mystery. Bands and sponsors are donating all sorts of stuff, so you never know what you will get. 

At the end of November you can tune in all day to Worlds of Wayne Live as we will be conducting a podcast Telethon! Just like on TV with live streaming video. We will feature guests all day long with live performances, interviews, special prize give a ways, and lots of fun stuff. Viewers can call in and make a donation, talk to us, and be a part of the show. People all over the world will be participating in the chat room. Then in the evening, we will break out the cocktails for happy hour and share drinks with our viewers. Should be quite interesting.

The money raised is not for charity, it will be used to help pay for hosting fees, podcasting equipment, software and other related production costs. You can donate in November and get some cool stuff, but remember, you can also donate any time of the year. (You still might get some cool stuff...)

Click on the tabs above for more information. 

Once again, thanks for supporting Worlds of Wayne and I truly appreciate every listener and guest. 


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