Worlds of Wayne Donation Drive


Below are the four levels of donation. The more the donation, the bigger the mystery prize insentive package you get. 

Remember, any amount helps and you will recieve an incentive for every donation no matter how much. You can donate by using the Pay Pal donation button below or on the show site itself. Make sure you fill out your full mailing address so we can send you your prize. Your first name and last initial with your state will be added to the Donor List to show the world that you care about quality podcasting. 

Donation Levels

$1 - $5 BRONZE

$6 - $15 SILVER

$16 - $25 GOLD

$26 and over PLATINUM 

All prize insentive packages are MYSTERY PACKAGES. This means that random merchandise will be sent to you. You cannot ask for specific products. The highter the level of donation, the bigger the mystery package. 

The live telethon will feature special items that will be given away for donations. 

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